Oak Angels Fund

At OakVet Animal Specialty Hospital, we never want the cost of care to keep someone from getting the necessary treatments, procedures, and medications for their pet’s health. Pets are family, and we make every effort to provide resources to pet owners in our community to care for and, in some cases, save their family members.  We provide a number of external and internal resources to our clients. Our own internal non-profit organization, Oak Angels, is a fund designed to give critical stabilizing care to animals after hours when little to no other resources are available.

Pay It Forward

Our ultimate hope is that temporary financial assistance from the Oak Angels fund will continue to be paid forward. Together, we can dramatically improve the lives of pets in our community, and help keep them happy, healthy, and safe by their human family members’ sides.

Please consider helping your neighbors. Every donation helps.

If you would like to contribute, that’s wonderful! Here’s how:

  • Add a donation to your invoice amount at check out
  • Stop by or call to donate anytime
  • Make a donation of any size on PayPal

What Is the Oak Angels Fund?

The Oak Angels fund, a registered 501(c)(3), was created to provide pet owners with financial assistance in situations where financial restrictions prevent obtaining emergency and critical veterinary care. If a pet and owner qualify for the Oak Angels Fund, they will be approved for a dollar amount depending on circumstance and availability. The Oak Angels fund is designed to help provide necessary (and in many cases, life-saving) care for as many animals as we can. 

Oak Angels is funded through client donations, fundraising events, benefactors, and sales.  Donations of any size can be made online through PayPal, in person, or by phone. We can even accommodate a donation to the fund in someone’s name.  Please inform us of the recipient and their address, special occasion etc. and we will notify them by mail with a card.

We also have items for sale that benefit Oak Angels fund: 100% of the purchase price of any Oak Angel mug, t-shirt, keychain or car decal from our hospital benefits our Oak Angels fund.

Qualifying for the OakAngel Fund:

  1. You must be recommended by one of OakVet’s clinicians
  2. Your pet must have a good prognosis (a high chance of successful outcome).
  3. You must have no history of animal neglect or abuse (we will call your primary care veterinarian to verify this information.)
  4. You/your family must have exhausted all other efforts of payment, including, but not limited to: Care Credit, Varidi, cash reserves, lines of credit, and friends/family.

If the pet and owner have met the qualifications, the owner will be required to sign a release allowing use of the success story for continued fundraising and to agree to maintain a good relationship with their primary care veterinarian.  While we will do everything in our power to assist, please remember that the availability of funds is based on donations and funds may be limited.  In some cases, our doctors donate 100% of their abilities and the facility donates any/all hospitalization, procedural fees, and costs associated with supplies and medications to aid in the recovery of the pet.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!